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5 Steps to Choosing a Field of Ministry

map of Caribbean Sea

“Can you tell us where to go?”
“How do I know where God wants me?”
“What if I go to the wrong country?”

One of the best insights I have ever received was, “God’s heart is for the world to be evangelized, so ‘Go!’ until God changes your direction.” Basically, it was a call not to sit back and wait for God to tell me how I should be involved in missions, but to pray and just do something.

Picking a “field” can be a difficult decision for any missionary. Some people are burdened with a certain people group, region, or culture, so choosing a country of ministry is easy for them. Others are willing to go, but are not sure where to go.

New Tribes Mission doesn’t assign missionaries to a certain country, it is up to the missionary and their sending church to decide what ministry and field they want to serve in, with the end goal of planting a church in an unreached people group.

We know how difficult this decision can be, so here are five steps you can consider when choosing a field of ministry:

  1. Pray.
  2. Learn more about the people groups, countries, and regions. New Tribes Mission is involved in church planting ministries in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Asia-Pacific.
  3. Pray some more.
  4. Talk with your sending church, elders, pastor, family, etc.
  5. Pick one and pursue it!

God’s desire is for every people group to hear the Good News of what Jesus has done for them. There is no wrong people group to share the gospel with! Remember, Jesus has already given you the permission and commission to go to any nation. Just go!

To paraphrase a veteran missionary friend of ours, “As long as you’re walking in the Spirit, there is no wrong choice.”

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