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A fruitful summer

Biem believers are growing by leaps and bounds and are eager to share the Gospel.

It’s summer again for the Biem people. And in many ways, it is much like all the summers before it.

But in another way, this summer is quite radically different. It is a season of exciting spiritual growth. The new Biem believers are growing in Christ in amazing ways.

“The church is growing by leaps and bounds,” writes Brandon Buser. “We’ve finished our months of study in Romans and have started into Ephesians. The teaching and growth of the body here is one of the biggest highlights of our year so far.”

This growth in the Biem church is encouraging, but it brings opposition that “grows more vehement with every week. We take that as a sign that we are on the right track,” Brandon continues.

He explains that the more that truth from God’s Word is poured out, the more antagonism is seen.

But opportunities abound for Biem believers to share their faith in conversations with their friends.

As they grow in the understanding and conviction that they could never do enough to work their way to favour with God, they grow increasingly amazed to see the grim determination of their unbelieving friends to do good things to gain favor and secure a place for themselves in Heaven.

One believer, Frankie, recently told his friend, “Fine, if you want to take the cliff road to heaven, go for it. It’s not possible … I will take the road that Jesus made for me.”

Another young believer was invited to a group discussion with a number of unbelievers. He told Brandon afterward, “When I went over there, right away I knew that they wanted to talk about belief. I knew that my wisdom wasn’t enough so I prayed and asked God to help me answer them and give them good truth.”

Biem people of all ages are being impacted by God’s Word and it is transforming their lives and their interactions with friends.

“Please continue to pray for your brothers and sisters here,” Brandon writes. “They are growing, but still, they are so young.”

“Also, pray for unbelievers,” he adds. “Many are hard-hearted but some have an ear to hear. Our believers each have their sights fixed on two to five unbelievers.”

God is at work among Biem people. Transformation is happening. You can stop right now and pray for His work in hearts to continue; for believers to be built up and strengthened and for those who don’t yet know Christ to be drawn to Him.

And just maybe—there is something more He wants you to do.

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