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A good kind of weary

Laughs help when plowing through nearly 3,000 verses.

The hard work of Bible translation is very rewarding for Lance and Laura Ostman. Often a good laugh lightens up the heaviness of the job before them.

Lately they were able to check 2,746 verses in the Higaunon language in the Philippines. That’s all the verses for Genesis and Exodus. This is another milestone for them as they work toward a complete Bible.

They had two Higaunon translation co-workers for this particular session, one to read out loud and the other to tell them what he understood was being said.

The subject of camels came up. These folks have never seen a camel. When it was jokingly explained to them how the camel has a hump where water is stored, one said that, “if he were riding one, he’d have a straw and stick it in the hump and drink when he was thirsty.”

As there are misunderstandings, there is need for correction and change. Once those are done the books will be printed and these dear folks will be able to read Genesis and Exodus for the first time in their own language.

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