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A Life in the Balance

young family with baby in aircraft

Mom and ill baby prepare to fly to hospital for medical care.

As soon as the helicopter landed in the Southern Isneg village, one of the clinic workers rushed to Vicky Martin to tell her a seriously ill patient needed to go back in the helicopter. But that’s the middle of the story.

Through Deep Waters

aa240a98-672a-4d88-a0e5-c095d44f9dbeTwo days before, a man from that village was visiting another village a day’s hike away and ran across a young couple with sick twin babies.
“They were going … for help because all the things they did to get help from the spirits were not working and the babies were getting worse,” Vicky said. The man directed them to his village and the clinic there, staffed by two women trained by Vicky, an emergency medical technician.
“This couple carried their barely month-old twins here through the rain and high river crossings.” They arrived at night, drenched. The villagers responded with dry clothes, food and shelter, and medical care for the twins. One of the girls responded well to treatment; the other did not, and in the night, she stopped breathing. The woman hosting the family applied what Vicky taught mothers, and got her breathing again.

God Is Faithful

f45213a7-b8c8-41f3-8350-2a3da814581aTo Vicky, the best part of the story came just before her return. One of the Southern Isneg believers told the babies’ mom that nothing is impossible for God, and we need only trust Him. And that’s when they heard the helicopter. “She jumped up all excited that the Lord had proven Himself to this mother.”
The helicopter flew the girls and their parents to town, where both children are still in the hospital but are recovering from pneumonia. Pray that the babies make a full recovery, and that they and their parents have the opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the gospel.

Watch the video “Lifeline”

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