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A little protein in your coffee?

Missionary Teresa Searcy shares insights on the daily grind of missions in the jungle.

Teresa and David Searcy enjoy a good cup of coffee together each morning before starting their ministry in the remote location to which God has called them.

Last week, Teresa says she was greeted by a strange odor in the kitchen. “I was smelling something dead, but couldn’t place it until it got pretty bad,” she shares.

Teresa routinely prepares their pot of coffee the night before so that David can simply turn on the switch in the morning.

“Evidently,” Teresa explains, “a gecko had drowned in the water overnight. And then it got cooked in our coffee in the morning.”

As they finished their coffee, the Searcys made the discovery of the deceased visitor lying in their coffee pot.

“Since we had just finished our coffee, there wasn’t much to do except to dump out the carcass,” Teresa shares, amused.

“After 40 years of life in the jungle, it just brings a good laugh.”

Photo taken by William Haun and used by permission,

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