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A one year anniversary

It’s been a year for Stephen Jordan of teaching God’s Word in the Agutaynen language.

It’s March—and Stephen and Ginger Jordan are praising God for the strength and endurance He gave Stephen one year ago to cross a long-hoped-for finish line. This progress allowed him to finally begin teaching God’s Word to the Agutaynen people.

When Stephen and Ginger Jordan and their family opened the ministry to the Agutaynen people in 2003, they eagerly dug into studying the culture and language. They readily gained a grasp on the culture and vocabulary of the Agutaynens and developed meaningful relationships with many of the people.

In 2005, the Jordans were excited to welcome Manfred and Nadine Zimmermann from Germany. Manfred learned the language quickly and was able to begin teaching in Agutaynen in 2009.

But even though Stephen worked very hard at language study, Agutaynen did not come easily to him. Discouragement plagued him for years and he sometimes wondered if he would ever “get” the language.

In spite of the delays, by God’s grace and strength, he worked with great determination toward the goal of being able to teach God’s Word to the people they had grown to love.

And joy was waiting at the end of the struggle. In March of 2012, Stephen reached the landmark day. (Read that story.) The entire Jordan family joyfully celebrated this visible display of God’s goodness.

“One year later, for God’s glory,” Ginger writes, “Stephen is leading three home Bible studies in partnership with three Agutaynen believers. Over 12 households are represented in these studies.”

The impact in the village is significant.

“As God’s Word is being proclaimed weekly in the homes of Agutaynens, their worldview is being challenged,” Ginger shares. “Many are now speaking out against their own traditions and superstitions. They are recognizing that these things are of Satan and not of God.”

Ginger says that as the Agutaynen people understand and accept the truths of God’s Word for themselves, the darkness and lies they have lived in are coming to light. This shows up as they ask difficult, searching questions.

The ensuing discussions, Ginger says, are “revealing their clear understanding of the message being taught from the Bible and their desire to know the Truth.”

It is exciting to see transformation happening in the Agutaynen village where the Jordans and Zimmermanns live. God has enabled, in both Stephen and Manfred, a focused and faithful ministry for His glory.

So this month of March marks a joyful anniversary of the triumphs of God’s grace.

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