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A pilgrim's journey

Philip Schuring is working through the process of planting a church step-by-step.

Isolated in the jungles of Brazil, Phillip Schuring has discovered a new way to send updates and needs for prayer. He’s on “a pilgrim’s journey,” he say, as he presses on toward the goal of reaching the Kaxuyana people with the gospel.

His location makes it a challenge to make contact with anyone outside of their little village. But God has provided a GPS two-way messaging system to help with passing on news of the process of making disciples there. Small text messages can be sent and posted to Facebook as updates to his status right from his jungle house.

Some of the exciting things God is doing that Phillip has been able to share is how all the wood got cut and prepared for a team that his dad brought to build the little clinic in the village. Even though the original woodcutter left before the job was done, the chainsaw broke and they ran out of gas, the Kaxuyana men worked hard with the group and completed the clinic.

The village leaders insisted on having a big ceremony complete with a ribbon to be cut in order to officially acknowledge their gratitude for the building. Phillip says that these people like to do things thoroughly and well. His hope is that as they study and teach the Word of God, they will do that with the same determination.

The hard work of teaching literacy is proving to be a success. “After presenting the suggested alphabet and seeing its approval by the people, we started to work on the literacy primers and have just about gotten the rough draft done!” Phillip writes.

Lucas, a Kaxuyana co-worker, helped finish the translation of the primers and getting all the rough drafts polished up in order to see them printed. Now the process of registration needs to be completed.

There’s a translation course on the horizon for indigenous Bible translators. A three module course is being offered to indigenous people who have an interest in translating. Phillip will take some of his Kaxuyana friends out for that. Won’t it be exciting to hear how helping with the translation of God’s Word in their own language changes them forever?

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