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A Taste of God’s Word in Their Heart Language

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They Didn’t Know What They Were Missing

The people of Pretty Water already had God’s Word in the national language, and they were bilingual — at least that’s what everyone said. And for some of the villagers, there was a mistaken belief that God’s Word could only be taught in the national language, that God wasn't interested in their language. With thoughts like that, why would the villagers even think they needed God’s Word written in their heart language?

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God’s Word in Their Heart Language

That’s where the villagers of Pretty Water were at, convinced that they didn’t need God’s Word in their heart language — until key members of their community began reading Scripture translated into their mother tongue during their meetings. That changed everything!

“They are getting a taste of how much better God’s Word communicates in their own heart language, and this is spurring them on to learn to read in their own tongue!” wrote the missionary. “You can imagine the thrill this news has been to us who [have] laboured long hours, days, weeks, months and years to get God’s love letter into their language and into their hands.”

hand on an open Bible

A Great Gift From God

At this time of year, we focus on the birth of our Saviour, God’s greatest gift to mankind — and what a gift that is! I can’t help but think what a great gift has been given to the villagers of Pretty Water. They not only have a Saviour, but they have been given the gift of God’s Word written in their heart language, because God is interested in communicating with His creation in their heart language.

Pray for the villagers of Pretty Water and for an ever-increasing desire to read the Bible in their mother tongue.

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