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A very ill boy needs an airplane ride

Missionaries David and Shari Ogg ask for prayer for Gwandambi and his family.

Gwandambi is the son of Rison, a Simbari Bible teacher. And he has been very ill.

It has been determined that he has an infection in a joint or a bone in his leg. The dangerous potential of this infection makes it crucial for Gwandambi to get to the hospital in town where intravenous antibiotics can be administered.

Missionary Shari Ogg is, in the meantime, treating him with oral antibiotics. Shari and her husband, David, are asking for prayer for Gwandambi’s healing. They are also asking for prayer for weather patterns that will make flying possible.

“During the last few days,” David writes, “a bad weather system in the area has been keeping our little bush airstrip covered in fog and clouds.”

He says that two planes have attempted to land and pick up little Gwandambi and his father to fly them into town. “This morning the clouds closed in over the airstrip just 15 minutes before a plane arrived, causing the plane to turn around and return to town without being able to land.”

David says that extra fog and clouds are fairly typical for this time of year, but this has been a season of even more than usual fog.

David and Shari are reminded and comforted in acute situations like this Gwandambi’s, that they know the One Who is in control of all things. “We’d appreciate it if you would join us in prayer to place these burdens on Him,” David shares.

Please pray especially for Gwandambi and his family as they go through this challenging time. Pray that God will give grace to them and to the Oggs to trust His timing and wisdom. Pray that He will see fit to heal this little boy and to make his healing and his life a great testimony to His power and grace to the Simbari people.

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