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Always training

Lisa Kappeler has received on-the-job training each step of the way in her ministry among the Uriays, and now she’s learning how to help other missionaries.

One of the strengths of NTM is the depth of training that is offered. Not only does the initial training offer Bible school, if you’ve never had formal Bible training, but then thorough in-depth intercultural studies courses, relational courses, translation and language learning courses, and many more.

Even after you have decided upon a ministry that fits, there are very qualified people who train and prepare you specifically for your ministry. Throughout the years as you progress there are other courses and trainers who give on the job training to better equip you for the ministry changes the Lord has for you.

As Lisa Kappeler has been working on translating throughout the years she has seen this to be true. Now as she takes a trip to the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea as a more experienced translator who will be trained by another experienced translator, she is learning to be a help in the process for other tribal languages.

She usually works with Uriay tribal translation co-workers who come out to her home from the village. They have been working with her on 1 Corinthians in the tribal language that she learned when she was able to live among the people. In order to make sure this translation is accurate a more experienced translator comes after the process is done to make sure there is a clear understanding.

Now Lisa will be on the other side of the table learning by watching and helping. She will be in training once again in order to do the comprehension and accuracy checks for others who are translating in tribal languages.

She will watch as two chapters are checked. Then she’ll check one chapter so she can be directed and corrected. The tribal translation co-workers will be the ones to restate what they hear in the trade language so that Lisa and her trainer can determine whether it’s been translated well. They hope to do more than 800 verses.

This ministry will fill a vital role that helps each tribal team get more scripture checked, ready for print and then into the hands of those who have a hunger for God’s Word.

Lisa writes, “I’ve been so encouraged through 1 Corinthians as we work on it in terms of the body principle. It takes far more than a team of two married couples and singles to establish a fully functioning church among the Uriay. There’s way too much work and not enough people to fill all the spots. So keep seeking Him as to how He wants you to function as part of the Body and pray for the other parts—that we might all work together for the glory of His name! We need people out here!”

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