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Ameilia's dad wasn't there

A Familiar Story

The story he was reading was remarkable. It was about a young girl whose life, by all accounts, shouldn’t have amounted to much — but for God.

Raised by her mother in a poverty-stricken neighbourhood in Mexico, the young girl saw firsthand how the drug trade destroyed lives and tore families apart. She knew the pain of an absentee father whose criminal activities landed him in prison time and time again. She watched her mother juggle multiple jobs as sole provider for the family. And then her mother died.

It started to sound all too familiar.

Pride and Pain

He looked across the room at his daughter, Amelia. Though her name was not on the book, he knew it was about her. And him.

She was the young girl who said yes to God and missions. He was the absentee father who spent much of her childhood behind bars.

The story ended with his daughter serving God as a missionary — and him back in prison.

“It’s such a sad story,” he told Amelia. “It doesn’t tell the rest of the story. … Please, have them tell the rest of the story.”

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The Rest of the Story

As we sat in Amelia’s living room in a neighbourhood near the Triqui people, she told me the rest of the story.

Some time after her father was out of prison again, Amelia’s little sister, Gabi, joined him in Tijuana for six months.

“She always had the heart of an evangelist,” Amelia said. “And during that stay, she shared the chronological Bible lessons with our dad and he got saved.” A big smile crossed Amelia’s face. “From that time on he has been a faithful follower of Christ. His friends cannot believe how much he’s changed.”

And at times, neither can Amelia’s dad. He knows that this story could have ended much differently — but for God.

Amelia said yes to God and today is translating Scripture into the language of the Triqui people of Mexico. Could you pray for Amelia today?

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