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An All-Sufficient Saviour in the Valleys of Life

national missionary family

From the Mountain Top...

“One year ago, upon our return to the United States, the Agutaynen church was doing well and on top of the mountain,” wrote Stephen and Ginger Jordan, missionaries to the Asia-Pacific Region. “As a church family, we asked three men to step into a temporary leadership position.” What a day of rejoicing that was! the Valley

But now the church is going through a valley.  

In May, the eldest member of the Agutaynen church family, Grandpa Rudy, passed away.

Less than two weeks later, Edmund, one of their church leaders, was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He passed on to Glory earlier this month, less than a month after his diagnosis.

“We rest in the comfort that Edmund loved Jesus Christ and believed in Him as his Saviour,” wrote the Jordans. “To us, Edmund was a friend, a brother in the Lord and a co-worker for God’s glory. … Through his life and teaching, God used Edmund to lead many of his family to the Lord. … We will greatly miss him.”

An All-Sufficient Saviour

It’s not just the missionaries that miss him. The Agutaynen church grieves the loss of one of their church leaders.
Please pray for the family members grieving the loss of their loved ones and for the Agutaynen church. They are definitely going through a valley experience. Pray that they will recognize and understand the all-sufficiency of their Savior and that their lives will shine as a bright light in a dark place.

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