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Assisting the local church

New Tribes Mission has helped Iglesia Biblica Misionera send missionaries to the Yucare people.

Part of the plan to accomplish the vision of NTM to reach the last unreached tribal group in this generation is to assist the local church in sending out missionaries. This is happening all over the world.

In a small community in Bolivia a local church, Iglesia Biblica Misionera, which means Missionary Bible Church, has experienced some of this assistance.

Former NTM members who once lived in the city close by had an influence on this church by sharing the needs of a school nearby. Several volunteers went out from that church to help until the school’s closing.

Upon their return to the local church, the leadership challenged those volunteers, who had decided they wanted to be missionaries, to get more training in order to serve as a team in a tribal church planting ministry.

In 2005 that team left for Santa Cruz, where there is a training facility for missionaries. It assists local churches in Latin America prepare those from their body who have a desire to see tribal people reached with the Gospel.

In 2008, this team graduated from missionary training and with the help of an NTM pilot surveyed an area along the river. God led them to a small community of Yuracare people.

In 2009, the sending church helped them get permission from the community for the team to go and live there.

This team lived in tents and rustic rooms with dirt floors until their permanent homes were finished. They have been there for three years now studying and learning the culture and language of the people.

NTM missionaries experienced in languages helped them determine that this group needs to be taught in two languages, Spanish and Yuracare.

Currently Iglesia Biblica Misionera has another single lady in missionary training to be better prepared to plant tribal churches where there are none.

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