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Awaiting Kodiak arrival excites pilot

The impending arrival of the first Kodiak excites missionary aviator Steffan Pyle, serving with his wife Julie.

The new airplane will mean fewer complications in a crucial aspect of ministry. As the Kodiak can carry more people and cargo, this means missionaries and missionary aviators alike no longer have to take as many trips.

There’s still a lot of work to do in the meantime. The team will need to construct a new hangar to house the plane and flights aren’t stopping.

In the last few months two missionary families have needed medical evacuations, one family has seen medical needs severe enough that they’ve had to move out of the area, and one mechanic was unable to get a visa for further training.

The Pyles aren’t discouraged, though.

“It would be easy for many to just give up,” Steffan wrote. “But I have been particularly encouraged by the resolve of those who have faced these challenges to persevere and carry on. They are men and women of God who are carried along by God’s grace and mercy. Their perseverance has been a testimony to me of God’s strength residing in them.”

Please pray for the aviation team to remain encouraged as they work through this transition time, and for the health of those in the tribes.

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