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Because He didn't spare His own Son

There was a unanimous response in the little village where Dinangat Bible teachers presented the gospel.

God has done another great work among the Dinangat people, Jeremiah and April Markley share.

The third Dinangat village has now heard the gospel and responded with open hearts to the Good News about Jesus. And this time, Dinangat believers are the ones sharing God’s Word.

After 16 weeks of teaching about God’s creation, the fall of man, the giving of the law, man’s failing attempts to save himself and all the Bible stories that foreshadow Christ’s coming, they had most recently learned about the virgin birth of Christ, His sinless life and His love for people.

“The people had been hearing it and believing it every step of the way,” writes Jeremiah.

Some, he says, were already responding with things like, “I need to be saved!” “I have broken every one of God’s laws!” “I know I am a sinner, I am separated from God—what can I do?”

And now it was time to teach the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The Dinangat Bible teachers spent hours in careful preparation.

“For countless generations,” shares Jeremiah, “the Dinangat culture has been an oral culture. … Because of this, their learning style is far more story-centred and visually oriented than our western ways.”

The Dinangat Bible teachers knew this truth very well so it was very important to them to go all out with visual teaching resources and to get them just right. “They peeled bark off of certain trees, formed it and cut out costumes … and then on the day of the gospel presentation, they were up at 3 a.m. to make final preparations,” Jeremiah writes.

After seeing and hearing that God didn’t spare His own Son, but offered Him up as the sacrifice for all sin, the third Dinangat village had a unanimous, overwhelming response.

“Thank you!” they all cried.

Over and over again, the village people spoke the words. Over and over they marvelled that God would sacrifice His Son to reach to them.

“The relief and gratitude made it clear,” Jeremiah says. “Jesus is their Kidaak Aamna (the Man Who saves). Praise the Lord and rejoice with us! Let the discipleship in this sweet village begin!”

Jeremiah urges, “Their faith is new and in many ways. They are very vulnerable, so please do continue to pray for strengthening and deeper understanding as the teaching continues into what their identity in Christ really means.”

And don’t forget, Jeremiah adds, to celebrate God’s goodness in praise to Him. “Most of all, lift up the Father’s Name with us, for He has done great things and has made His glory known!”

God did not spare His own Son — and that truth makes all the difference in all tribes and people of the world. So what sacrifice could be too great for you to make to be able to share this wonderful news with people who have never heard?

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