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Because no one is beyond His reach

Dao believers are trusting God’s transforming work in their lives.

Some Dao believers were discussing a new outreach effort to a village that had never before heard the gospel. And it happened to be a village with two infamous residents.

“So what should we do about people like the two men who have done terrible things against the Creator?” Apiyaawogi asked. “They have murdered and stolen other men’s wives.”

“Yes, they have done terrible things … but they have not heard the Creator’s words as we have,” his wife Wadamena answered.

“It’s true,” Debatoma agreed. “Perhaps if they had already had our Creator’s words carried to their village, they never would have done these things.

“Let’s not forget about the Apostle Paul,” Paatoma joined in. “The great Creator changed him and caused him to see the truth about His Son, Jesus. … And He has done the same in our village.

Then Paatoma added thoughtfully, “There is no one that our Creator cannot change; no one beyond His reach. “

The discussion among Dao believers was finished and Apiyaawogi was convinced.

“So let’s invite the two men to listen as well,” he concluded. “Perhaps even they are not beyond our great Creator’s reach.”

Missionary Scott Phillips writes that this conversation took place several weeks ago and that since then, the Dao Bible teachers have been teaching in the village where the men live two times daily, every day.

Scott says that a runner from that village recently brought him an update. “Many people are gathered and listening to the Bible teaching … more than the teachers expected.”

Judging from the further news in the runner’s report, God is doing a great work and is faithfully drawing yet another village of people to Himself through the teaching of His Word.

And maybe you’re wondering about the two men in question?

“The runner told us,” Scott says, “that one has brought his entire family to the village for the teaching.” The other has disappeared from the village, fleeing for his life because of a murder he committed some time back. But by God’s grace, most of his family is also attending the Bible teaching.

Scott and his wife, Jennie, are joyfully encouraged and are asking for your prayers. Will you pray for the Bible teaching in this village? Pray that God will open the spiritual eyes of the listeners as they hear the powerful message of God’s forgiveness and redemption through His Son.

“Pray that God will, for His own glory, grant them repentance and perform the miracle of rebirth in their hearts as they listen to His Word for the very first time in the history of their clan and village,” Scott asks.

Redemption and transformation are what God does, he affirms hopefully. And, as the Dao believers reminded the men and their families.

Because no one is beyond the great Creator’s reach.

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