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Being faithful one day at a time

Missionaries are not immune to hardships and discouragement.

Ginny Bryant shares honestly and from her heart. Their family has been back in Guinea for about a month. And it’s been a mixed package.

They have had “loads of people” who they love come by to visit and to welcome the Bryant family “home.”

Ginny shares, “It has been great to connect with friends and to meet again with the small group of believers here.”

But arriving back in the village they call home has not been without challenges and frustrations. Quite a lot of them, in fact.

First, there were “days and days of cleaning, sorting and more cleaning,” Ginny explains. “We had a few problems such as no running water, batteries for the solar panels that were leaking and a fridge that wasn’t cooling.”

Right about then, the car battery died and then soon after, their house was hit by lightning. This resulted in shattered bulbs, sockets blowing off the wall and half of their solar panels not working. Oh, and add to that a well pump that was hit and died, and the router for their email succumbed, too.

Since there are no co-workers currently in their village, Ginny admits the loneliness can add to the effects of these trials.

“It’s pretty discouraging,” Ginny admits candidly.

What’s a missionary to do? I asked Ginny to share how the Bryants cope.

“We are just trying to make it through one day at a time, praying that we would not be overcome, but that we would just be faithful, by God’s grace, one day at a time,” Ginny writes.

The Bryants remember also that there are watching eyes in the village where they live and serve. “We pray that we will be a testimony in the way we respond to our circumstances, no matter what they are,” Ginny says.

“We are convinced that God will be our strength and our encouragement at all times,” she adds.

Pray for the Bryant family as they minister in Guinea and for other missionary families who struggle with the challenges of living in remote locations. Pray that God’s grace will strengthen them and encourage their joy in the investment they are making in eternity.

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