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Bible teacher ill

Astun wants to know who will take his place while he recovers.

Astun has a question.

Astun, a faithful, godly Manobo Bible teacher has been teaching in a remote Manobo village for several years. Many Manobos have been saved because of his faithful, clear teaching of the Word.

Astun has discipled and helped many to grow spiritually and understand more about God’s Word.

In 2010, Astun and his family hiked for a day and a half to visit missionaries Gene and Carol Trudeau with the good news that he had recovered from the very serious disease that had waylaid him. He returned to his village and continued to teach and preach from God’s Word.

However, now his liver disease has returned and he is lying in a hospital, very ill and weak. He said that he is ready for the Lord to take him if this should be God’s will.

But who will replace Astun while he is ill? Please pray for him to recover and pray also that one of the Manobo believers will step up and teach in his place while he recuperates.

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