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Bihak couples study God's Word

After harvesting their crops all day, four Bihak couples spend their evenings studying evangelistic Bible lessons.

Rendi and Sana have been studying God’s Word faithfully, and now Sana’s father, Apang, is also sitting in on the lessons. Apang is the last of the older shamans who has strongly opposed the missionaries’ ministry for years.

Rich and Julie Wallhoff are hopeful that the old shamans’ eyes will be opened to the Gospel of grace and that he will be delivered from ancestral and spirit worship in which he has been entrenched.

Along was away from his village for a time, driving a lumber company truck. He married a girl from another tribe, Lonsat, and they are now back in Along’s village helping his parents with the rice harvest. The couple wants to finish hearing the Bible lessons.

Saharol and Anis studied the evangelistic Bible lessons off and on over a long a period of time, but showed no evidence of believing in Christ. They are now showing interest again and the missionaries are reviewing the lessons with them.

Maria, a believer, is studying lessons on assurance of salvation while her husband, Bagong, is very enthusiastic about what he is learning from the evangelistic lessons.

Laden and Samunim have a glowing testimony of faith in Christ, but they are finding it hard to separate themselves from their former belief system because of family ties.

Please pray that the Lord will keep each of these from attempts to keep them from studying and believing. The major religious group in the area is working very hard to stop these people from hearing God’s Word, and economic concerns also offer a distraction.

Pray that God’s Spirit will work in their hearts so that they will understand the wonderful salvation that is theirs in Christ.

The Wallhoffs also ask prayer for those who are teaching. “They have a very heavy schedule. It is not a good rice crop this year and every night the wild animals could potentially eat a good amount of the crop. Some of the teachers, after harvesting all day, come in for the lesson and then go back out to guard their fields all night. We praise the Lord for their faithfulness.”

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