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Bonifacio home with Jesus

An aging man who put his trust in Christ is in Heaven now.

Bonifacio, an elderly Guarijio believer, has died.

“This morning,” Dennis Bender wrote earlier this week, “this Guarijio man threw off his crutches and is dancing with Jesus!”
Missionaries Terry Reed and Dennis Bender have spent a lot of time in the past few years with their friend, Bonifacio. On Jan. 30, Terry asked for prayer for his comfort.

“He has become very dear to me and I will miss him so much,” Terry shares. “However, as believers we do not need to sorrow as those that have no hope. I know Bonifacio has been unshackled from his broken body and is now with his glorious Saviour.”

Bonifacio was more than 90 years old when God called him Home. Before he came to Christ, his life was characterized by drinking and fighting and he continued to bear the scars of those years. But after he embraced the gospel, his life was radically transformed. He had a great hunger for studying God’s Word and loved to share it with others.

Dennis and Terry both feel deeply grateful to know that Bonifacio is with Christ. They are thankful for the opportunity to know him, to see him come to faith and to hear and see his life story demonstrate the power and wonder of God’s redemption.

If you prayed for Bonifacio when you read his story here last week, Terry and Dennis want to thank you.

They are thankful, too, for the promise that they will someday see their dear friend, Bonfacio, again. This time, though, he will be wearing a new, unbroken body in a place where believers in Jesus will never have to say “good-bye” again.

Many tribal people like Bonifacio are waiting for someone to share the glorious message of hope and redemption through Christ. You can be part of the team that is going and doing that.

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