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Bow saw cuts through hard heart

Kendaya, a Moi believer, recently had a simple request of missionary Steve Crockett. He wanted to borrow Steve’s bow saw.

Steve used to have two bow saws, but after loaning them out to the Mois one of them went missing. For a while both were missing, but Steve managed to get one back. Because of this, he was determined not to let anyone else borrow his bow saw and was very unsympathetic to Kendaya’s request.

“The Mois already have one of my bow saws. I’m not giving you my last one.”

The house the Mois were working on was right outside Steve’s office window. As he sat and watched them trying to cut a board in half, he began to feel more and more convicted about how ungracious he had been. When he could stand it no longer, he got the saw and took it out to them.

One young man was so happy to see him coming with the saw that he burst out laughing and shouted out, “Thank you Creator God. Steve had a hard heart, but you worked in his heart and now he has given us his saw! Thank you Creator God.”

Steve couldn’t help but laugh. He remembered the days when he used to pray that God would soften their hearts, now they were praying it right back.

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