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Burial freedom

Prai funerals focus on keeping the spirit of the deceased satisfied, but believers chose to reflect their faith in Christ.

It’s a joy when we know someone who passes from this life has gone on to be with the Lord. But have you ever thought of rejoicing over the way a burial is actually handled?

In a Prai village, the way that a burial was recently carried out demonstrates the clear understanding the maturing believers have of the truths they are learning from the Word of God.

Dave and Fran Jordan share that culturally, “There is great fear of spirits at the time of a death. … Prai funerals center on keeping the spirit of the deceased satisfied and preventing any malicious return.”

But the huge expense of “about a month’s salary” in order to hire two lone brave men to bury in some obscure location away from the village where no one else would go is a thing of the past for some of these new maturing believers.

“The first Christian funeral reflected their faith. No feeding of the corpse, no spirit rituals, instead singing, scriptural messages and the joy of knowing our hope in Christ and His death, burial and resurrection.”

“To the amazement of the rest of the village, over 60 of the believers went out together to the burial service. To the Prais this is a huge step of faith, which most will see as a landmark in their lives.”

Let’s rejoice with the Jordans and the Prai believers as God works a great freedom in their lives.

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