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'Call out to God'

Wusimpa, a Dao man, cut his knee with a machete. The result was a large gash in his leg. Wusimpa’s solution was to make more slashes in his leg.

“[This] is something the Dao do, which they believe will help wounds heal,” missionary Derek Grant wrote. “All his wounds were filthy and full of infection.”

Derek helped make sure Wusimpa received medical care and Wusimpa’s knee was healed of infection. With a lot of scar tissue left behind, the concern is now whether or not Wusimpa will walk again.

Wusimpa seemed to be growing in his faith, but due to his injury, his reliance on God faltered. However, Derek was encouraged by the growing strength in God, Iyepiyaa, another Dao man and Wusimpa’s friend, was showing.

Iyepiyaa used to be very uninterested in the Bible. He used to be very slow in letting go of sorcery and spirit manipulation, but now he is proving to be an example for his friend, Wusimpa.

“For awhile, it seemed Wusimpa was giving up hope,” Derek wrote. “Wusimpa asked [Iyepiyaa], ‘Friend, work sorcery and chase away the evil spirits for me.’ I was surprised to hear Iyepiyaa reply, ‘No my friend. Call out to God because He is the strongest.'”

After Iyepiyaa’s talk with Wusimpa, Derek talked with Wusimpa about God’s power and strength and how He loves and takes care of those who call out to Him.

“Wusimpa knew these things,” Derek wrote. “He added, ‘God is our Father and we are His children.'”

Please pray that Iyepiyaa’s own growth in God will be an encouragement to Wusimpa. Also pray that Wusimpa will continue to rely on God rather than sorcery to heal his leg and restore his strength.

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