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Changes for the Nahuatl

Permission to Change

Peter and Liesl Hypki minister among the Nahuatl people of Mexico. Considering where they live, change is inevitable. Peter said, “Like anything in life, like anywhere in life, you have two options. To reminisce and to regret change, or to move forward with the knowledge of the past and the hope of what will be. … But in the midst of steps forward, we remember our hope and purpose is not fixed to our own five-year plan, but to a faithful God who calls us to obedience over comfort.”

Stepping Forward

The Nahuatl team is moving forward. They need to get permission to do anything in the village, even small changes like enlarging the airstrip. More importantly, Peter said, “I’ll ask permission to begin formally, publicly teaching the Word of God – ‘What God Said,’ as it translates in Nahuatl – to the people this July.”

Our Unchanging God

“You cannot know how the world will change from one day to the next, or how you’ll find each place you leave behind. But you can know for certain who God is and what His Word says and who you are and who you can be forever, because of His grace and love. … He does not, will not change. His Word does not, will not change. His love does not and will not change. Pray with us that the Nahuatl will choose to hear this Good News.”

God is mighty: The next day the Nahuatl agreed to allow Peter to begin teaching the Word of God publicly, for the first time ever, in their heart language. Pray for understanding for the Nahuatl as Truth is presented to them.

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