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Checking Bible lessons

Lesson checks

Missionary Ken Satorius is visiting his Budik friends in the village. However his primary reason for the trip to West Africa is to check Bible lesson material for 1 and 2 Peter. Budik believers Pityan and Eme are coming every day to help Ken complete checking the Bible lessons. Pityan has been an accomplished Bible teacher for many years. He has also been on the Budik translation team with Ken and other Budik believers.

Eme is the wife of Labo, who is another faithful Bible teacher and on the translation team. Eme is also the dear friend of Kathy Satoius. Both seemed to know when the other was troubled and they would freely share and pray together.

When Ken and Kathy’s son Andrew died, Eme was right there with words of comfort and love. She is one of the most mature Christian women among the Budik. She reads well, so she was a great help to Kathy in checking the translation. Now she is faithfully helping Ken check the Bible lessons for 1 and 2 Peter.

Pray for this small team of co-laborers to finish the checking so that the Church can have the lessons.

Ken is also spending time with the believers. Pray that as they talk together the teachers will understand and benefit from the shared wisdom. Pray that they will be able to convey Bible truths. Pray also that all would be encouraged.

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