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Christmas shopping a day away

Paul McDole plans to go Christmas shopping this week.

“There’s not a store for at least a day’s walk away” from a Buru village where Paul and Tina McDole minister on an island. “Cuts down on Christmas shopping, I’ll tell you,” Paul wrote.

Paul planned to walk out to the store this week and pick up a few things for the kids. “The long road back will keep me from getting anything heavy,” he wrote.

“Sometimes people think we are crazy for coming here,” Paul added, “but I’m sure many thought those Magi were nuts too!”

The Magi, about whom Paul shared in church on Christmas, traveled far from their homes and humbled themselves. Did they believe Jesus was the Son of God? “How else can you explain several elderly men bowing down to a child?” Paul asked.

Thank the Lord for people like Paul and Tina, who travel far from home to share the Good News, and for people like you who are praying and giving and encouraging to make their ministry and others possible.

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