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Come On In! The Water’s Fine!

boy fishing from canoe

Ready to Dip Your Toes?

Sometimes we need to “test the waters” before jumping in further. Here are some quick, easy ways to get your feet wet:

Pass this magazine alongespecially to the young people you know.

Inform young people and your youth pastor about Off the Grid in Durham, Ontario and the six-week summer college level course at Interface in Papua New Guinea.

Give a small gift for an encouraging reason. For instance, give $10 to a missionary and designate it for Valentine’s Day.

Send an encouraging note or email telling your missionary how thankful you are for the specific work they are doing.

Pray for missionaries that you know personally or that your church supports.

Wading is Welcome Too!

Go and sponsor others for retreats to Off the Grid in Durham, Ontario or to the six-week course at Interface in Papua New Guinea.

Sponsor students to attend NTBI. They will receive a deeper knowledge of God’s Word and a fuller understanding of His plan to reach the world.

Read eye-opening material on missions.

> Serving as Senders by Neal Pirolo—Learn how to be a better teammate for your missionaries.

> A Mind for Missions by Paul BorthwickNurture understanding and involvement in missions.

> Western Christians in Global Mission by Paul BorthwickThe changing paradigms in missions.

Commit to praying weekly for the missionaries you know personally or that your church supports.

Diving in the Deep End

Send missionaries by faithfully supporting those who choose to go with regular finances, prayer, correspondence, encouragement and visits.

Organize “Pit Crews” at your churchgroups of six to ten people committed to making sure their assigned missionary stays well-maintained and running smoothly out on the track. For instance, raising funds for needs like a reliable vehicle, a plane ticket or a trip to the dentist.

Lend your skills as an associate missionary for six months to four years.

Serve with NTM as a career missionary. If you’re young, you bring time, energy and technical savvy to the pool. If you’re older, you bring a depth of maturity, knowledge, and experience.

Commit to pray daily for the missionaries you know personally or that your church supports.

For those of you who can’t be parted with your electronic equipment long enough for a swim, here are some ways to dip your toes without getting electrocuted!

Sign up for NTM’s Twitter feed and re-tweet.

Like NTM on Facebook, then share the posts or comment on them.

Visit the NTM website and share magazine issues, news articles, videos or photos on your favorite social network or via email.

Posted in NTM@work August 2013