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Couple to return to tribal ministry

Steve and Linda Rosengren are preparing to continue their church planting ministry in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, Steve and fellow missionary Ed Casteel are looking at new outreach areas for church planting.

“Evaluation is being done and our Wana believers who have finished the training are excited about reaching these new areas as laborers together with God.”

Steve’s wife, Linda, is preparing her recordings for Old Testament Scripture. When she arrives, she will be working with Wana women.

“She reads what she has translated and then they tell it back to her in the Wana language,” Steve wrote. “Doing this helps Linda recognize how they say things and possible new words that might be used.”

Steve and Linda plan to return for their church planting ministry in April. Please pray that God will provide for them as they make necessary arrangements. Steven is still in need of a visa for entry into the country.

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