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Dao Bible teachers reach another village

Dao Bible teachers faithfully ministered to the believers while Scott and Jennie Phillips were in the USA for a year of home assignment, and now two families have moved to another village to teach God’s Word.

Scott and Jennie were out of the tribe for 52 weeks. They left the Bible teachers with enough material to teach one lesson each week for the entire time of their absence. When the missionaries returned they found the people were on lesson 51.

“God gave them the desire and strength and they proved themselves faithful,” the couple wrote. “It is so easy for us missionaries sometimes to forget just how much this all depends on God, not us.”

During the missionaries’ absence the believers also started planning an outreach to another good-sized village more than a day’s hike away.

“After our return we listened to their ideas and plans and talked with the Bible teachers and believers about all the logistics involved in such an outreach,” Scott and Jennie wrote. “We told them it would by no means be an easy task and that it would take a number of months to complete such an outreach.”

The people talked through everything concerning the welfare of the teachers and their families. They questioned who would supply food for the families, where they would sleep and how often they would teach.

The wife of one of the Bible teachers shared with Jennie how she was a little nervous about her and her husband going down to start the outreach.

“I know that my kids could get sick and die,” Moipi said, “or my family might not have enough food, and I am not looking forward to living in a village that is so far from my own home, but God’s message is a big message and I know that the people need to hear as well and so I will go. God’s message is worth it!”

Please pray for the two Dao Bible teachers and their families who are leading the outreach. The outreach started a week and a half ago. During the first part of the outreach the two families are taking turns switching off every two weeks and teaching the people how to read and write.

They use the afternoons to build a house for their families and to plant a garden that will provide for their needs.

Pray that God will prepare the people’s hearts when they begin to hear the teaching from Creation to Christ.

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