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Decisions and difficulties

Joanna Kreiger deals with obstacles as she tries to determine where in Africa God wants her.

In one short year, Joanna Kreiger has seen on a whirlwind of changes and challenges.

Last year she was a student at New Tribes Missionary Training Center and looking forward to a life of missionary service.

Now she has graduated from missionary training and has all the decisions and difficulties missionaries face as they make their way to their field of service. She’s begun the long road of partnership development.

A few weeks ago she and her family went to visit her sister Kathryn who serves in the Asia Pacific region. They had a great reunion and hiked mountains together, rode motorcycles together and ate boatloads of rice.

“It was a tremendous trip to see, hear and taste, smell and touch the world in which Kathryn has been living for the last three years, not to mention seeing my sister face-to-face,” Joanna wrote.

Her long-term goals are to finalize her membership with New Tribes Mission and travel to Africa to gather information to help decide where she should serve. Her pastor and possibly a few others will accompany her so that they can help in her decision. Then she can begin building a team of people to join in her ministry in Africa.

Joanna is so thankful for the wise counsel of her trainers at the Missionary Training Center as well as her pastor and other faithful friends. She is already seeing the blessings God uses to encourage her along the way: an encouraging email, a friend giving her a Kindle ‘just because,’ a gift of $500.

“Sometimes I laugh out loud at how astonishing God is,” wrote Joanna.

What Joanna desires now is a clear sign from God concerning which place in Africa to go.

“So, only by His grace, and even though I’d love to be done making decisions and have that lovely core group of people that I’m deeply connected with already, God will walk me through this season of my life as He has every other one.”

Pray for Joanna and the others beginning their journey to their field of service. Pray that many will join her team of supporters and prayer partners. Pray that her trip to Africa will show her which field God has for her.

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