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Did you pray?

If you prayed for God to intervene and send rain to the drought-plagued Guarijio village, you’ll be happy to read this update.

“We are enjoying a very cloudy day,” Terry Reed wrote at the end of last week. “The clouds look to hold some promise of rain.”

Earlier this month, we shared here a perspective from Terry on the critical lack of water in the Guarijio village where he lives and ministers. The water shortage threatened crops, livestock and people.

The missionaries were on the verge of making plans to move and they realized this necessity would severely interrupt the translation process on the Guarijio New Testament.

But their even greater concern was for the Guarijio people in the area who were worn and weary with the long drought and its devastating impact on their lives. The missionaries knew that these people did not have the option of moving to a new place.

And they asked us to pray.

Terry wrote hopefully, “It is very powerful when believers pray! People have been praying and now the sky looks like rain!”

One hour later, Terry sent a further update.

“Just wanted to let you know,” he wrote, “that there is a beautiful rain falling right now. This rain was completely unexpected. My translation helper, Santos, was so impressed when he saw God work through the prayers of God’s people. It was a blessing to watch God grow Santos’ faith just a bit more in sending the rain.”

Keep praying that God will continue to send more rain to keep the ground water flowing for the Guarijio people. Pray that many will see His Hand in responding to their desperate need.

Pray also that the translation work on the Guarijio New Testament will continue unhindered and that the blessings of God’s Word will be abundantly showered on the Guarijio people.

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