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Disciples Teaching Disciples in Six Different Languages

recent literacy class graduates in New Guinea

It Wasn’t Babel

What happens when people from six distinctly different language groups gather together? How do they communicate? And why would they bother joining together in the first place?

God. That’s the simple answer. It was all because of God and their desire to serve Him. That’s why 30 Bible teachers from six languages came to the Dom village and became the students, ready to sit under the teaching of others, ready to learn in Tok Pisin, the trade language of Papua New Guinea.

It Was a Workshop

“The ‘Chronological Teaching Method’ was the topic,” wrote James and Judy Burdett. “We use ... chronological teaching to present the gospel to the unreached. … This workshop was for the purpose of instructing and enabling Papua New Guinean men and women of God to share the gospel effectively to the lost of their communities.”

Though the workshop took place in the little community church where James and Judy Burdett minister, they were not the teachers. The disciples have become the disciplers. The Dom church is leading the way. Believers are crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries to see others reached with the gospel message.

It Was a Blessing

“We were blessed to have been a part of this in small ways, working in the background providing food and materials,” the Burdetts wrote. “What a privilege for us to be a part of it. Please pray for these new teachers that they would take to heart all that they learned and put it into practice.”

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