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'Do you guys know God's Word?'

A social drop-in visit clearly reveals a heart that God has prepared to hear His Word.

Rachel Chapman is asking us to pray for Milo.

She says that she first met him in November. After serving several years in the military and working for awhile on the coast in construction, Milo had moved back to his family’s home in the mountains to live.

First he started dropping by for casual visits to talk. And then, abruptly, Milo’s question pierced the evening air during a social visit. “Do you guys know God’s Word?” he asked.

Rachel writes, “We said ‘Yes.’ And then he said that he would like to study the Bible and know more about God.”

Rachel shares that several weeks ago, her co-worker, Pete, began to teach Milo from God’s Word “starting in Genesis 1:1, with who God is.”

Milo is an indigenous man, but his parents spoke Spanish to him during his growing-up years. His years of working and travel have also made him quite fluent in Spanish, so his life course has prepared him well for the teaching.

Pray for Milo as he is confronted from Scripture by the very God Who has placed this hunger in his soul. Pray that God will open his heart to the light of God’s Truth. Pray that nothing will hinder or prevent him from coming to meet with Pete regularly to study the Bible through Firm Foundations Bible studies. Pray that God will be glorified in drawing Milo to repentance and faith in Christ.

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