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Encouraging news for Kunas, missionaries

Kunas - missionaries

Funds have come in and materials to teach more Kunas to read and write their own language are being printed.

“The Kuna literacy program has been turned in to the printers and work has begun on the printing, laminating and binding of students’ books, flashcards, homework assignments, writing practice, tests, attendance sheets, teachers’ daily lesson plans,” wrote Jerry and Joyce McDaniels, who minister to the Kuna people.

This program is intended to ensure that more Kunas are able to read the Bible in their own language when it is completed. That is expected to take place next year. Just this past November, Jerry and Joyce delivered Psalms, Proverbs and Exodus in their own language to Kunas at a leadership conference.

While the couple was in Panama, the Kuna believers expressed their gratitude. “Many of them have said, ‘God didn’t just send you here to work on the literacy materials. He sent you to encourage us in His Word,’” the couple wrote.

Their time in Panama was busy. They were able to get answers to the final questions, ensure that the necessary artwork was completed, and the materials were formatted properly.

And while there, they received word that all the funds needed for the project had been received. “Many thanks to all who gave towards this,” the couple wrote.

Now their attention has turned to “the next big step in the process, the literacy teacher training in November,” they wrote. “These are exciting days in the life of the Kuna Church as they look forward to soon being able to read God’s Word in their own language with understanding.”

Pray that all goes smoothly at the printers, and that teacher training also goes well. Pray for stamina and wisdom for Jerry and Joyce as they continue to translate the Old Testament into Kuna.

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