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Events help and hinder

Chantel women teaching

Missionary Chantal Pilon is undergoing some unusual experiences as she studies the culture and language of the Konyagi people.

“There were a few trips to bring sick people to the hospital, a death – I went to get the body at the hospital for burial in the village, a marriage was ‘tied’ – similar to our engagement. [Then I made] a trip to get the village chief, and the administration of treatment for several people with various injuries. This also meant that there were many visitors in the village, dances, and celebrations. These unplanned events greatly limited my language sessions and I felt stretched to the limit.”

Because Chantal takes advantage of every experience to help her learn the culture and language, she often feels exhausted as she struggles to put cultural context on every event.

After several event-filled weeks that were counter-productive to language learning, Chantal was thankful to get back to an established study time. As she continued with her study she was pleased to note that she began making progress.

Pray for Chantal as she continues to study Konyagi culture and language in hopes of being a part of translating the Scriptures into the language of the Konyagi people.


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