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Every time they 'change worlds'

Lynne Castelijn says that whether in the village where they minister or in their native country, they are always missing family.

A few weeks ago, missionary Lynne Castelijn looked around on a Sunday morning at the Banwaon faces focused on her husband, Albert, as he taught God’s Word.

“Precious, beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ,” she says. “So attentive, nodding with empathy, yet not able to fully comprehend the vast distances we travel and the almost cosmic cultural shifts we go through each time we change worlds.”

And then, she writes, it was quickly another Sunday morning, one which found them in their wonderful home church in Australia, full of excitement and joy at the reunion with family and friends they hadn’t seen in a long time.

“I glanced around at the faces focused on our pastor,” she shares, “and my heart swelled with blessing.”

Yet at the same moment, Lynne’s heart drifted across the sea to her Banwaon family, sitting on split palm floors, singing and listening to God’s Word and praying to the same Father.

“And I missed them,” Lynne shares.

And it struck Lynne again that, whether at home in the remote bush village or at home with long-time friends, she is always missing her family in Christ.

“I guess we just have to get used to always missing someone!” Lynne muses.

Will you pray for the Banwaon believers while Albert and Lynne are absent from them for awhile? Will you pray for God’s grace to strengthen and sustain them by the power of His Word and to continue to build and mature His church there for His glory?

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