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Excited to be invited to the tribe

God is preparing missionaries Jag and Abby Dunn for serving Him with the Hewa people.

After much prayer and a visit to the Hewa people, Jag and Abby Dunn feel at rest that they are headed right where God has planned for them to be.

“Everything is moving fast and we feel like so much has to be done,” writes Jag, “but we trust God’s timing and know He will move us forward.”

Part of the recent process, he says, is “bush orientation.” This involves visiting an existing tribal work and learning more about the culture from the missionaries who live and serve there. With that visit completed last week, Jag and Abby will continue to work and plan toward ministry with the Hewa people.

In October, they will be visiting the Hewa people and helping co-workers build a home there. Soon after that, they hope to start on their home. Jag hopes that by the beginning of 2013 they will have the frame and a roof finished with tarping around it to make it liveable until it is completed later.

Jag says the Hewa tribe is a large group of people living in a mountainous region that actually spreads over hundreds of miles. Jag and Abby feel the burden of helping to reach the Hewa people who have no way of being taught God’s Word unless it is translated and taught in their own language.

“During my visit to the Hewa tribe,” Jag says, “the leaders of the village expressed their deep desire for us to work in their village.”

Jag says he had always heard that there were tribes who were asking for missionaries to come and teach them God’s Word, but that personally being part of that happening “was a very surreal experience.”

“When they actually asked me and my family to come, I was humbled at the thought that God could use me in this tribe,” Jag expresses.

Jag shares his perspective that there is a lot to be done in the Hewa tribe. And he feels strongly God’s call on their family to live and work with these people.

He also feels firm evidence of God’s preparation of his own heart for this ministry. “Now that I have been there and seen it for myself, it has been amazing to see God confirm our liking for this people group.”

Please pray that God will smooth the way and prepare the hearts of both the Hewa people and of Jag and Abby Dunn. Pray for the months of preparation and planning that will be required. Pray that God will begin now to open the hearts of the Hewa tribe to receive His Word and to embrace the truth and life-changing power of the Gospel.

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