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Faithful to the end

Missionary with national

Kwaelom, a Siawi believer, was taken out to the hospital and returned with a diagnosis of probable cancer. Missionary Linda Krieg was concerned about whether he would stand for Christ amidst the pain or would appeal to Satan’s powers in the last painful stages of the cancer.

The Lord, knowing how painful cancer can be, mercifully took Kwaelom home after just six days. And as his time drew nearer, he urged his family to not follow their old customs of tearing down his house or cutting down his fruit trees. These customs were to keep the spirits from haunting the living.

Kwaelom told his family, “Go to my gardens and eat the food. Don’t refrain from eating sago pudding. (a Siawi staple).” He told them he knew where his spirit was going and he wasn’t afraid.

His funeral was a time of rejoicing. “One of the ladies said, ‘It was not a time of mourning but of celebration.’”

Others told of how the Lord had used Kwaelom through the years. He had helped Ron Lindsey, the original missionary working among the Siawi, to become fluent enough to share the Gospel the first time. He helped with Bible translation when most others were not interested.

“While Kwaelom was, by nature, a fearful man, he remained faithful to the Lord when many others turned their backs,” wrote Linda. “Over half of his life was spent being indoctrinated with the lies of Satan, being taught that sorcerers have greater powers than any other being, even surpassing God’s power. He was over 30 years old before he heard the truth from God’s Word.”

But Kwaelom did hear the message of freedom because some were faithfully praying and giving so that the missionaries could continue to teach the truth. Praise God he has gone to a place where there is no more pain and no more fear.

Pray for the Siawi elders who are leading the church. Pray for Linda Krieg, the only missionary currently working with the Siawi church. She desires to finish the Siawi Bible translation before she leaves.

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