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First impressions

Changing worlds is both interesting and challenging.

Sam and Kari Bruce had been in the Asia-Pacific region for a whole week when they wrote their first ministry update. And already, they had a good grasp on one thing: life was going to be different in their new home.

They experienced a whole different kind of public transportation. They learned to expect the crowing of roosters in the mornings and again in the afternoons.

Sam and Kari have become quickly acquainted with crowded marketplaces and have eaten nasi bakar, which is rice wrapped in banana leaves, cooked over an open fire. They are growing accustomed to hearing the “call to prayer” sung loudly every few hours. And one memorable night, they even experienced the sounds of a marching band drilling up and down the street at 3 a.m.

“Nothing is easy here,” says Sam. Even shopping for household items.

“If you want to shop, you can’t just run to Target and buy everything in one store. Shopping involves going to one store, then another and another, and then across town to a different market altogether,” he adds.

“It’s not even easy to make coffee,” Sam explains. “It took me about half an hour to make myself a cup the first day.”

The neighbours are very friendly, Sam said, and patient and understanding with the language challenges. Sam shares that recently he realised he mistakenly said to his friendly new neighbour, “I’ve never been to the Asia-Pacific region in the future.”

Sam and Kari would appreciate your prayers as they adjust to their new home and prepare their hearts for the ministry God has prepared for them there.

As they rest and unpack and settle in, it’s very clear that life will be sometimes very different and often the adjustments will be challenging.

But overall, it was a great first week for the Bruces. And clearly, they have already jumped into culture and language study.

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