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Five Skipped Sacrifices

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Distilled Spirits

This week’s prayer email is from Paul McDole in the Asia-Pacific region.

Across our island is a native tree that is related to the eucalyptus tree. [The islanders] cook the leaves in a still, much like one used to make moonshine. The oil that is produced is sold to make medicine, similar to Bengay or one of those “essential oils.” The people [on the island] furnish this popular oil for the entire country.

a large wooden oil still placed above a clay oven

Distilling the Oil

Dispelled Spirits

This has been done for years, with five sacrifices to the spirits to ensure good results. The five sacrifices are given:

  • when the first foundation stone of the still is laid.
  • when the first pole of the house is raised.
  • when the first handful of leaves is harvested.
  • when the huge wok is set up on the still.
  • when the water begins to flow through the bamboo pipe into the still.

The sacrifices offered are chickens, cloth, coins and special words in prayer to the evil spirits.

SE Asian men carrying freshly pressed oil in bottles on poles

Carrying the Oil

Divine Spirit

In 2018, believers in Jesus Christ from the [nearby village] decided that they’ve had enough. No longer will they be enslaved by the spirits when they make the oil. Praise God with the believers here as they rejoice in their freedom from the devil’s deception!

Pray for these believers who have been the first ones in this island’s history to make this important stand for Christ. Pray that their stills will produce more oil than those who have followed Satan’s lies. As the news gets out, may Christ be glorified all over the island!

Pray also for Paul and Tina and others who work in the heart language of the local people. Understanding the language and culture allows the missionaries to clearly translate and teach the Scriptures in the heart language of the people.

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