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Flights So Close to Getting Off The Ground

missionary beside tail of airplane

What’s it take for you to go grocery shopping? Do you plan to be gone for a week, and figure out how to carry back enough food for a month? Or do you hire a plane to come get you? If you have a medical emergency, can you call an ambulance … or would you radio a commercial air service and see if they could fit you into their schedule?

Waiting for Help

8d052e66-e4b7-4ade-bae6-74f569426b7fThat’s the situation NTM missionaries in Brazil face as they await the beginning of a flight program. For years, NTM Aviation has been working to put a flight program in place for people serving in remote locations.
And now, that program hinges on one important final step: importation.

Almost There

Already, a Cessna 206 — a capable, workhorse plane sometimes called the pickup truck of missionary aviation — has been overhauled, prepped and flown to Brazil.
8944ef35-ff08-4e97-8257-62ca8161ce71Charlie Patton and a Brazilian pilot, Everton Arrantes, flew the plane to Belo Horizonte earlier this month, where it cleared customs. Now the Brazilian government must approve importing it. Then comes the work of putting in place a flight program for missionaries — saving them countless, priceless hours each month.
Please pray that the importation process goes smoothly and quickly. Pray that a specific, necessary document — the legal bill of sale — arrives soon from the Brazilian consulate in Miami.
“People say that the importation process can take a month,” wrote Charlie’s wife, Ruth. Pray also that the Lord raises up pilots for Brazil. Charlie and Ruth will transition back to the USA after everything is in place in Brazil.

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