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Fredi finds reason to praise

Fredi, a Tugutil believer, recently lost his boat to a giant wave. He has been ministering to others in his area after missionaries had to pull out due to political unrest.

At first Fredi, his wife Letu, and their co-workers Yulis and Erni went back and forth between their village and the village they were ministering to on an overnight boat trip that was described by missionary Keith Miles as, “uncomfortable to say the least. The few miles are still difficult to navigate along a rugged, irregular coastline of stone cliffs.”

This was a concern to the missionary team that had served among them: Keith and Anita Miles, John and Betty Sharpe and Don and Heather McCall.

Keith wrote, “The Lord supplied the team with an outrigger boat … Over the years our team has experienced some frightening boat trips and the several miles across rough seas to Yulis’ home village is too often in that category!”

Fredi started praying for a better boat, something stronger and more reliable. God provided.

Then the boat got flipped upside down by a wave.

“The boat was completely overturned by the huge wave, not just tipped,” wrote Keith, “and it was very close to a very dangerous reef, so Fredi was praising God for His protection which was very evident to him and his friends.”

The boat didn’t make it. It was wrecked and the motor was ruined. But no lives were lost.

Please pray for the Tugutil believers as they seek another way to minister to those around them, and praise God for the safety He kept Fredi in when the boat overturned.

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