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Freedo Overcomes Shyness

Tagbanwa man teaching a group of people

Freedo, a usually shy man, has been asked to lead the Tagbanwa church in prayer on several occasions, but he has always hung his head in embarrassment and declined.

Last week missionary Ray Pollock asked him if he would open the Sunday morning meeting in prayer. He accepted the invitation and even went to the front and used the microphone, a huge step for him.

Freedo is a tough, wiry man on the outside but inwardly has a gentle and tender heart toward God.

“He prayed a lovely prayer from his heart in which he mentioned his wife ’whom he loved,’” the Pollocks wrote.

Freedo later told Ray and his wife, Chris, that when his family got home from church his wife cried because of his expression of love. He said that before he was saved he was always angry and aggressive toward her and they would fight a lot, but now he likes to help her.

Freedo also said that he used to be very fearful and sad, and it was as though “Satan was riding on his back.” He always felt as though Satan was following him and he was scared to walk the trail on his own. He would always look around to see if anyone was there.

The father of 14 children had tears in his eyes as he said it is like he is a new person. It is like he has been turned upside down. He is free and he has the Holy Spirit living within him.

Ray taught about baptism not too long ago and now Freedo and his wife want to be baptized.

Please pray that this couple will be stand strong for the Lord among the Tagbanwa believers and be a faithful testimony in their community.

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