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From Bible school to the jungle

What does an institute in Michigan have to do with cross-cultural church planting? Everything.

What do 51 graduates from a Bible school have to do with tribal people who live in the jungle?

How do Ken and Andrea Jack’s missionary ministry with food service at a Bible institute contribute to tribal church planting?

How are Rex and Shirley Schaffner considered ministers of the Gospel to tribal people in jungles if they are on staff at a Bible school in Jackson, Michigan?

Why do these folks talk about living by faith and introduce ideas to young students about how they would work cross culturally at a Bible school in the USA?

Why does all the staff at both Bible schools rejoice when there are five new Tigak believers in the jungles of Papua New Guinea?

Some of the answers to these questions can be seen at

NTBI is open to those who have already decided to be involved in some form of mission as well as those who are looking to study the Bible in depth. After seeing God’s heartbeat for each tribe, tongue and nation, many students who come for the simple study of the Word of God end up in some area of service that relates to tribal missions because:

“The Bible and missions are one story. That’s why each person on our staff is a missionary. The whole Bible is the story of a missionary God seeking worshippers of every kindred, tribe and tongue. As you study every book of the Bible from this perspective — with teachers who are experienced members of the church-planting team — you sense the urgency and see the purpose of not only growing in your knowledge of the Bible, but also preparing to share your understanding with a dark and needy world.”

“Since 1942, New Tribes Mission has remained committed to its goal of reaching people who have no access to the Gospel. NTM coordinates missionaries, sent by local churches, to take the Gospel to tribal people, but that’s just the start. Missionaries then plant churches. They disciple believers, translate the Scriptures, and train teachers and leaders, who in turn reach out to their own people and to neighbouring tribes.

“Hundreds of churches are in various stages of growth in remote villages. Missionaries are experiencing joy as they see God develop tribal church leadership. In some areas indigenous believers are sending missionaries to share God’s Word with their own people and neighbouring tribes while many more ethnic groups have yet to hear the Gospel.

“NTM’s training program helps prepare believers for cross-cultural evangelism and church planting.”

You can see how important New Tribes Bible School is for laying the foundational teaching that we are all “workers together with God” in order to see the last tribe reached with the Gospel in this generation.

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