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Gabi, a Story from Mengen, Part 1

Lourens teaching among the Mengen people

Determining the Need to Hear

Written by Lourens Laureti, missionary to the Mengen people, with David Pierce

The first time I met Gabi was on a survey to some Mengen villages which had asked us to come teach. We were determining if there was already any gospel teaching there and where would be the best location to start. Some Mengen young men went with me. One of the young men was Eddie. He is Gabi’s brother.

Lourens sitting with some Mengen people

Gabi Hears the Gospel …

Eddie was concerned for his brother Gabi’s soul, and he told me a lot about him on this trip. He was a teenager who knew nothing about God and lived a reckless life. He actually lived in the village we visited as he was not welcome in his own village due to his bad choices.

We invited Gabi to travel with us throughout the Mengen villages. He spent a week with us going from hamlet to hamlet and hearing us share our testimony. Gabi heard how God sent this amazing message in writing to us, revealing Himself as the only sovereign, all-powerful, holy and just Creator God who actually loves us! But our ancestors sinned. We inherited this sinful nature, and we are all guilty before God.



… and Responds in Faith

This all gripped Gabi’s heart. When he heard about how God Himself came to die in our stead as payment of our sin, he was convicted of truth and trusted Christ for His salvation.

When Eddie and I returned to our home village, we started to hear reports that Gabi was studying God’s Word and going to others to share these truths. And so it happened that after many years Gabi returned to his home village and was reconciled with his family and community.

Praise God for the work he did in Gabi’s life. Pray for the Mengen people who continue to hear the teaching of God’s Word in their own language.

Read more of Gabi’s story next week.

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