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Gabriel hears first

Missionary family

Gabriel sat transfixed as missionary Andrew Wilson read the last two Firm Foundation Bible lessons so they could check them for accuracy and make sure the North Wahgi people would clearly understand the message.

When Andrew finished reading, Gabriel sat quietly and thought about how the sky went dark when Jesus died because all the sin of the world was placed upon Him. Gabriel clearly stated that he knew his sin was placed upon Jesus too. He said that he understood that all of his good works could not save him, but Jesus alone paid for his sins.

Later that day Gabriel returned and told Andrew, “I cannot cut myself open to show you how happy I am.” He rejoiced that Jesus took his place just as the ram took Isaac’s place on the alter.

The rest of the North Waghis are listening to the lessons being taught and the excitement is building as they come to the end of the story.

“Following Friday’s lesson three younger men gathered to talk more about what they are hearing. One of them, the recent widower who lost his wife during the first week of the Bible teaching, said, ‘This talk is not like any other I have ever heard. It is so strong that I feel it cutting into me, deep.’ Andrew replied by sharing with him that this is true because it is God’s talk and God’s talk has the power to give life. The three men just shook their heads as they are seemingly beginning to understand the importance of what they are hearing and Lord willing, beginning to understand,” wrote missionary Mike Mikolavich.

The North Wahgi people have a number of cultural beliefs that stand in the way of their accepting the free gift of the Saviour. Next week the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus will be presented and the people will be faced with a critical, life-changing decision. Pray that they, like Gabriel, will understand what Jesus has done for them and will accept the free gift of salvation.

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