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Gifts given

Guananos are responding to teaching about spiritual gifts by encouraging, comforting and exhorting others.

Herman, a Guanano believer, is seeing God work in hearts as he teaches on spiritual gifts that God gives to each believer.

Recently he focused on being exhorters, comforters and encouragers, emphasizing that “the primary activity of one so gifted is to urge God’s people to live out the truth of the Gospel,” Lindy and Carol Drake shared,

Some Guanano believers are now challenging one another with forgiveness and consistent fellowship. One believer exhorted another that they were very missed by the church family when they gathered.

This gift of encouragement is often exemplified in the missionaries as they encourage one another in their translation work. Co-workers Barry and Denise Spor will visit and encourage the Drakes, lending a hand where needed while missionary Larry Richardson comes to help give direction with translation. The urging of Guanano translation co-workers and NTM missionaries is invaluable.

Teaching has also motivated some to resolve conflicts. Whether it’s unsaved family or issues over material things, there has been evidence of a clear desire to do whatever it takes to work toward resolution. In one situation a man left the village to travel to another country to talk with someone he had a conflict with in order to respond in obedience to the truth of the Gospel.

There has been true compassion and care for the sick. Even when the direct family members have not dealt with some of these health issues well, the body of Christ has determined that they would be workers together with God to respond to the truth urging others to pray and show compassion and care.

“Mario gathered us together in a prayer circle on Sunday to pray for Marsalene, his sister-in-law, that she would have the courage to trust the Lord alone for her great needs at this time, and that her faith would grow through this difficult experience,” Lindy recounts.

What Godly examples of the Word of God working in the hearts of His people through the gifts of His Spirit to accomplish His work in the body of Christ.

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