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'Giggling about the awesome ways of God'

Transformed lives are the visible display of answered prayer.

Missionary Julie Martin writes that she and her friend, Skola, are “giggling at the awesome ways of God.”

First it was Wankap, Skola’s husband, who believed. Skola had prayed long and hard for both Wankap and her kids and had asked others to pray with her.

So when Wankap came to faith in Christ, it was cause for much thanksgiving and celebration.

Julie observes, “The believers are all saying he’s the closest thing they have to the Apostle Paul, who went from being so against Christ to being saved and on fire for Him.”

Soon after, Wankap and Skola began to pray together for their teenaged son, Luke. They asked others to join them in prayer. They invited Luke to come with them to evangelistic meetings.

But Luke just wasn’t interested.

“Then Luke and some of his friends got beat by the local leader of another religion. They were beaten extremely harshly,” Julie shares.

She says that Luke came out of that experience with new perspective. “He saw where his thinking was getting him,” she continues. “God got a hold of his heart and now he, too, believes!”

Does God hear and answer prayer? Julie says that Skola is “over the moon with delight. She is humbled and awed.”

With a glint in her eye, Skola recently said to Julie, “And now for the old man!”

“Skola asks for prayer for her hard-hearted and physically frail father-in-law, Watingo, who curses a blue streak any time one of his saved family members tries to bring up spiritual things with him,” Julie explains.

You can join Julie, Skola, Wankap, Luke and other believers right now in praying for Watingo. Pray that God will graciously soften his hard heart and draw him to see his sin and his desperate need for a Saviour.

And then join in the rejoicing with Skola and Julie Martin at the awesome ways of God.

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