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Frequently Asked Questions

How are ETHNOS missionaries paid?

ETHNOS missionaries receive funds for their ministries from their sending churches, and from other churches and individuals. ETHNOS members are not salaried. In faith they look to the Lord for provision of their financial needs, knowing that God has instructed His people to meet the needs of those in His service.

What about pay for home staff and mission leaders?

Missionaries who serve in Canada and ETHNOS leaders also look to the Lord for provision of their financial needs. They are not salaried either.

How much support is recommended for an ETHNOS missionary?

The recommended support for an ETHNOS missionary varies according to where they serve, what their ministry involves, and how large their family is. You may ask a missionary about their recommended support level, or contact our Finance Office for that information:
PO Box 707
Durham ON N0G 1R0

How are support levels determined?

Recommended support levels are based on the actual costs of ministering and living at a reasonable level.
Missionaries are responsible for ministry expenses, benefits and taxes, including costs that are usually an employer’s responsibility.
For instance, missionaries may pay over 30% in taxes, because they are paying both the employee and employer shares. They pay for all of their own medical and life insurance premiums, and retirement. Missionaries usually pay for their own ministry-related travel and much of the equipment needed for ministry.

What if missionaries receive less than is recommended?

ETHNOS does not require missionaries to have 100 percent of their recommended support in order to begin or continue service.
However, serving with less than the recommended support brings stress greater than the typical family faces when expenses threaten to outstrip resources. For missionaries, the added burden is deciding whether to fund the ministry God has called them to, or take care of family needs. With less support than is recommended, they may not buy items needed for ministry. Medical expenses or vehicle repairs may not be funded, or retirement planning won’t occur.
When you help a missionary reach their recommended support level, you help equip them for effective ministry.

How much of my gift will the missionary receive?

Each gift you give will be used in full for the expenses of the missionary’s ministry or project you designate.

Can I use Interac eTransfer to give to a missionary?

Yes, you can give via Interac eTransfer. You initiate an electronic transfer of funds from your bank account to ETHNOS Canada by visiting your account on your bank’s website. The web page will include an option for arranging Interac eTransfers.
You designate that the funds are to be transferred to ETHNOS Canada by providing the email address of our finance department (
To insure the security of the transfer of funds, you provide a unique answer to a security question. That answer will be known only to you and to ETHNOS Canada.
Once you’ve completed the arrangement with your bank or credit union, you send a separate email message to to confirm that the transfer has been arranged, to instruct how the donation is to be used, and to provide the answer to your security question.

What about credit card transaction fees?

The fees that credit card companies charge for online transactions — 2.9 percent of each gift plus $0.30 — are charged to the ministry accounts of the missionaries who receive the gifts. You will still receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full amount of the gift. At the time of your donation online, you will have the opportunity to increase your gift to cover those transaction fees.
Transaction fees for gifts to projects are paid for by ETHNOS.
If you are concerned about the cost of your gift to your missionary, you may wish to use an pre-authorized debit transfer.

How do I change recurring credit card gifts?

Please note that you must be logged into an account to set up a recurring gift, or to make changes to your recurring giving.

  • To stop a gift: Log into “My ETHNOS” and click ”Stop” next to the gift you wish to stop.
  • To change the amount you are giving: Log into “My ETHNOS” and set up the gift again, but with the new amount. This will override your current gift.
  • To add a missionary or project to your monthly giving: Log into “My ETHNOS” and set up the gift. It will be automatically added to your current gifts.

If you have any questions or problems with your recurring gifts, please contact our Finance Office: or call toll-free during East Coast business hours at 1–844–855–6862.

What if I need to change my credit card information for a recurring credit card gift?

If you need to update your credit card’s expiration date, log into “My ETHNOS” and locate your card. Click on ”Edit” and update the expiration date.
If you have a new credit card with new numbers, you can set that up over the phone. Call our Finance Office, toll-free, during East Coast business hours, at 1–844–855–6862.

Can I give using a credit card issued outside Canada?

We are able to take gifts made with a credit card issued outside Canada. The gift will be in Canadian dollars and your credit card company will calculate the exchange rate. They may also charge a fee for a foreign transaction. Contact the company that issued your credit card for details or more information.
You should also be aware that your receipt is only valid for a Canadian tax deduction.

Are my gifts tax-deductible?

All gifts to ETHNOS for support of missionaries and projects are tax-deductible. As required by the CRA, gifts should be given with the understanding that they are under the full discretion and control of ETHNOS Canada.
You may also make personal gifts — for birthdays or Christmas, for instance. If you designate a gift as personal, you will receive a non-tax-deductible receipt.
Gifts to students at ETHNOS Canada’s training program, Emanate, that are used for tuition are tax-deductible.
Gifts to participants in Interface are not tax-deductible.
All gifts are in Canadian dollars and receipts will be issued for Canadian tax deductions only. If you require a receipt for a tax deduction in another country, you should consider giving through that country’s ETHNOS website. For instance, American donors requiring an IRS receipt, please give through NTM USA.  Other country’s websites can be accessed through the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Are my gifts to students and Interface participants tax-deductible?

Gifts to students at ETHNOS Canada’s training program, Emanate, that are used for tuition are tax-deductible.
Gifts to participants in Interface are not tax-deductible.

When does the missionary receive my gift?

As soon as your gift is received by ETHNOS Canada, it is credited to the missionary’s account. At the end of each calendar month, the funds are distributed to each missionary.