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Off The Grid: Jungle Camp

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What is OTG?

Off The Grid: Jungle Camp is a compelling program—running Friday evening through Sunday lunch—centred around God’s heartbeat for the nations. Experience great teaching sessions, bonfires, great food, and time spent with people in our beautiful rustic setting. OTG is an opportunity to grow in your understanding of His work in our world and His passion to see the unreached know Him.
We are located on the campus of ETHNOS Canada in Durham, ON. Our OTG village is located in an isolated bush on the back part of the property. Come live in unique houses that have been built by students in ETHNOS’ Missionary Training Centre! These rustic houses are built for a course called Jungle Camp and are primarily made of cedar poles, plastic and duct tape.
For further information please check out our FAQ page or feel free to contact us!
We would love to see you here this summer for Off The Grid!
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When is OTG Jungle Camp in 2016?

 July 15-17 
 July 22-24 
 July 29-31 
 August 5-7 
 August 12-14 
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Off The Grid: Jungle Camp Photos


Off the Grid was a life-changing weekend for our students. We were challenged and encouraged with stories of how Christ is building His church around the globe — and reminded that the gates of hell can’t stop it! I am so grateful for our students being exposed to and hearing from missionaries who are bringing the gospel to the most remote places on the earth to people groups that have yet to hear the name of Jesus. The entire weekend was relevant, practical, and inspiring. Sleeping in houses made primarily of cedar poles, plastic wrap, and duct tape was a great experience too. It’s been a year since we went and our students still talk about it! I encourage every youth worker to bring their students to Off the Grid.
Mark Farrow, Youth Pastor
Stoney Creek Baptist Church, London, ON

Originally, I was a little sceptical, but I am very glad that I came. I enjoyed the church history lessons, and how important it is for all of us to act as “Being Church”, not just going to church as a spectator. Also it is mind buckling to realize how many different religions and denominations there are in the world, and how many people groups still don’t have the Gospel.
I recommend this mission experience for all ages from the youngsters to the retirees.
Jaakko Aro
Elder, Hudson Community Baptist Church
Saint-Lazare, QC